Strange error after deeplink: nodeName is null?

We have a live project that, for one particular customer using IE 9.0, does not show the landing page which is triggered via a deeplink microflow. The header and navigation load, but none of the content loads and instead, the rest of the screen remains white and only displays the following text: Error when loading url EventsProducts/eventseventregistrationoverviewportaluser.mxf: Unable to get value of the property 'nodeName': object is null or undefined So far, this has only been reported to happen to a single customer, but it has happened to him everytime, so this customer cannot view the website at all. We, using IE 9.0 and other browsers, cannot reproduce this problem. Does anyone have any clues?
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The error is somewhat comparable to a Java NullPointerException, it means the JS engine or client expected a DOMNode somewhere but didn't receive one. So it does not provide any useful information.

Cache clearing might be a solution indeed.