Filtering a list; only see people that are from your group

Hi, I have a data grid where the current user may only see the people that are assigned to the same group as the current user. What do I have to type in my xpath constraint (in my microflow) to make this work? The Current User is a doctor that may only see the patients that have the same care group as he/she has. Care group is an attribute of a doctor and of a patient. Thanks in advance! Regards, June
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Where Domain is your Module name and User_Group is the association between the entity "user" (people you want to display) and group (of which these people are a member.

Add this as xpath constraint on the entity


Hi Juno,

Could you be a bit more specific? How is the user related to group?

Assuming you have an Account entity associated with a Group entity, you could use something like:

[UserManagement.Group_UserAccount/UserManagement.Group/UserManagement.Group_UserAccount = '[%CurrentUser%]']

Is this what you are looking for?