How to use File Uploader control in already existing dataview

Hi, I am using Mendix Business Modeler 2.5.3. I have an entity which has the attributes to store user informations. This entity is associated with a DataView where I am inserting the values for all the attributes. On the same page what I want is- I want to upload document related to almost all attribute in my entity. One document per attribute. Now I have a data view where my entity is associated. And in front of each attribute textbox I want to add File Uploader control. Now when I add File Uploader, It complains that File Uploader control must be associated with System.FileDocument entity. But I can not do that because the dataview where I want to add the file uploader is already associated to my entity. Please help me how can I achieve this? Thanks Rajnish
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you can create a new entity which inherits from system.FileDocument and associate it with your current entity then you will be able to use the image uploader

also refer to the documentation see example here


What you will need to do is create an Entity B that inherits from System.FileDocument. Then create a reference from A to B for each attribute that you want a file to be uploaded for. Or if you do not mind that all files are mixed up you can create 1 reference Set.

The first seems the better option in your case because you have a specific file for each attribute. However the latter will allow you to easily add additional attributes.