how to relate the document with particular entity data row

Hi, I have an entity, which have number of attributes. Now I need to upload document against each entity attribute. I've inherited this entity with System.Document entity, so I am able to upload document. Using File Manager I am able to upload documents. But now I also need to keep track that for which attribute the document has been uploaded and for which it is outstanding and on the base of that I need to do decision making. As We can not upload document into the entity itself, And I can't find any way to get the link of file which was uploaded against any attribute of the entity. Can you please suggest me the correct approach to achieve this? Thanks & Regards, Rajnish
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Make a separate myfiledocument entity and create multiple associations to this entity. For every attribute one association.

Place a button after every attribute that create the filedocument, connect it, and open de fileuploader