Image viewer doesnt refresh.

I'm working on an application to manage a products catalog. I want to bind a logo to the manufacturer of a product. So in my meta model I have an object "Logo", deriving from "System.Image", and an object "Manufacturer". Between these objects exists an association "ManufacturerLogo" owned by the meta object "Manufacturer". On the form to edit manufacturer details I've placed a dataview which is bound to meta object "Manufacturer". In this dataview I've placed an imageviewer bound to meta object "Logo" through association "ManufacturerLogo". The OnClick event of the image viewer is bound to a microflow which opens a form that shows meta object "Logo" in a dataview. In this dataview I've placed an imageuploader to set the logo of the manufacturer. I thought the imageviewer in the other form would refresh after uploading a logo, but it doesn't. How do I do this?
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I've found a way to get it working. If I place the imageviewer in it's own nested dataview with meta object "Logo" bound to it directly the refresh works perfect!