Caching problems; caching headers in Mx forms or adjust configuration webserver?

I experience a lot of caching issues because the application we've created runs behind a proxy server. This proxy server will cache all the forms etc. Does Mendix provide all the forms with HTTP TTL caching headers? Or are there some best practices in how to configure the webserver / proxy server to cache only what's necessary? E.g. Exclude *.mxf from caching.
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Version 2.5.4 of our technology completely fixes this caching problem by sending a unique (cache-busting) code along with each request. This code is different for each deployment. So within one deployment forms etcetera are cached but from one deployment to another there will be no caching because the proxy server is fooled by the cache bust code.

By the way, version 2.5.3 already solved this issue for forms. So if you are using 2.5.3 as you indicated, you should not have the caching problem for forms.