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Hi I am building one application in Mendix. Because we are following the Agile methodology, we have to deliver small chunks of work every week. Now I want to set up a test environment for my application, so that testing can be done in parallel. However, I don't know how to do that. I've gone through some of the Documentations in Mendix forum but it is still confusing me. Please can I have the exact steps which I need to follow in order to set up the test environment. It'll be of great help. I am using Mendix v 2.5.4 Thanks & Regards, Rajnish Kumar
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Hi Rajnish,

have you taken a look at our how to's 2.5 section? This section provide you of articles that help will you deploy your application to a Mendix Business Server which you can use as your test environment.

Perhaps the following links will help you out:


There are too many steps to specify in here. Use Fedor's links to do your deployment and if you explain which steps are causing your confusion, we can help you with specific answers.