Anyone experience in a connection to Exact?

Hi all! Are there some of you with experience in exporting invoices to Exact? I didn't dive into this theme too much yet, but wonder if (and what) the experiences are / possibilities. I'd like to hear! edit: to be more precise: the export should go to exactonline
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Roberto, we have a partner which is specialized in Exact (Nobel). They have a Mendix connector for Exact Globe and Synergy.

To answer your question, it is possible, but knowledge of Exact and their DB scheme is needed.


To be honest, Exact Online is not covered yet. But we are Exact partner of the year, so the expertise and the connections are available.


Ok, there is a good chance I'll dive into this the upcoming weeks (at least to investigate first). I can imagine there are several possibilities, each with different impact and different possibilities, like
- import an excelfile (low impact)
- webservice(?) connection (or some other connection)

@Chris or others: do you have some idea about how easy or difficult it would be to build this (exporting invoices from Mendix to Exact online)?