Exchange 2003 webdav

Now that the connection is working i encounterd another connection problem that states that the webdav connection is refused. com.mendix.core.CoreException: jec.ExchangeConnectionException: ExchangeUtil.getExchangeWebdavResourceConnection refused: connect What i am wondering is how to test if it is enabled? When connecting via IE or via my computer, i am able to initilize a web folder (webDAV) connection to the host, but i connect to a completly empty directory. What steps are required to enable this connection? Edit: i also checked owa as is suggested here and that works. Edit 2: I found our problem, i had SSL enabled when it should be off doh Important to anyone who receives a similar error try different combinations to ensure that all your connection settings are right! Just out of curriousity why is the connector using webdav rather than active sync?
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Try figuring out the correct settings with your exchange administrator or try fiddling with the various connection settings. If you can't get a connection afterwards I suggest asking your question on the forum you linked. Also, activesync is a proprietary protocol ment for mobile devices, nor were there any good libraries for it.