HTML Snippet error Mendix >= 6.7.0

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the HTMLSnippet widget in combination with MX 6.7.0? When I open Chrome devtools I noticed it gives the following error: mxui.js?636069394651759169:21 GET 404 (Not Found) When I try to open that url in the browser I get a 'Page not found' error. However, when I remove the p/ from the url it opens fine. I did have a URL setup for this page, removing that URL does not solve the issue.
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Thanks for your feedback! This is a result of the new feature (URLs to static pages) and the way dependencies are loaded in this specific widget (dynamic require instead of define) .

Our direct solution(expected this week) will be to modify how dependencies are loaded in this widget. The team will investigate on how to solve this situation in a next Mendix release.