Send Image through webservices

(i have read all de posts about webservices and filedocuments but still i´m stucked) Goal: I want to send an image form Mendix through webservices. What i have done: The entity 'foto' (system.image) has a relation (1:1) to employee. I have created an entity webservices. 1 attribute = foto (type: binary) I have created a microflow to fill the webservices (retrieve data and than change the members of webservices). Also i retrieve the foto. I made a published webservices. Problem: The webservices works fine, except the foto. Problem is that in the action Change object, i cant select the attribute 'foto'. So i am not able to map the retrieved foto to attribute $Webservices/foto
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To send contents of filedocuments (including images) you need to explicitly map the entity filedocument. If you do that, you can expose (or map, if you're importing) a special attribute, "contents", which represents the actual file linked to the filedocument.


Agree with Achiel, though you have still one problem; The image itself has been mapped, but it is not possible to show it as a thumbnail, because this won't be generated automatically. Anyone have a solution for that?