PublishedAppService parameters

Hi all, I work on two applications which should communicate with each other through a few app services. One of these services has a quite large domain model with about 10 entities refferring to each other. I have worked through the list to expose attributes and associations. Here is where the problem arises: Some values are allowed to be empty. I have ticked all the boxes of the same member that should be shared with the other app as empty. One entity is used through two different paths (and for both I have ticked the box "can be empty" for the same attribute 'Value_canBeEmpty'), I receive the message: "Attribute 'Value_canBeEmpty' is a member of an entity that gets referred to multiple times. Its 'Can be empty' checkbox should be marked consistently in this app service." Two other times the 'Value_canBeEmpty' attribute appears in the list, but these members are unchecked, and therefore not exposed. Does anyone know how to work with/around this?
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