Passing options to the Simple Chart widget

I'm using the simple chart widget to plot some graphs, but I have a small problem with the output. I'd like to plot the data on a smaller scale. Or, more specifically, the data I have shows everything in bytes (ie 90000000 bytes) but I'd rather see megabytes (90mB) in the chart. Looking through the documentation I found yaxis: { transform: function (v) { return Math.log(v); }, inverseTransform: function (v) { return Math.exp(v); } } Which I then translate to: { yaxis : { transform : function (v) { return v/1000000; } } } But this doesn't seem to alter the chart in any way.. Checked the DOM and the options do seem to be loaded. Am I using the wrong format for these options?
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The options are in JSON format, so declaring functions is not allowed.