strange behaviour with image or file document

I have a data-grid of object(A) where I make its new button open a data-view form in content. this object A has a relation with an entity of type image or file document, where I can add the files through a data-grid inside this data-view of A. After you upload a file and press a save micro-flow button (which make some validation before saving and committing that file Object and than closes the form ),sometimes I found a strange behavior where it makes close to the form of data-view (A) which is in content rather than closing the popup form of file and thus going to the first data-grid of A I say sometimes because I dont know the exact reason if it related to browser or machine because when I try to access it remotely from another machine , it is working fine ,while accessing it locally leads to this strange behavior
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I was able to reproduce your problem and it appears to be a bug in the Mendix platform. I submitted ticket 8177 to the support portal, so you can track that ticket for status updates.