Is there a way to clear a listening data view?

I have a data grid showing records, and below it a listening data view of the same entity, which contains a data grid showing note records linked to the first entity. The issue I am having is the persistence of the record displayed in the listening data view. When I select a data row from the top grid, the correct record (and associated grid of linked notes) is displayed in the listening data view. But, if I perform a search in the top grid, the row is de-selected, or it may not even be in the grid with changed search criteria. Either way, the listening data view is still showing the original selected row, even though that row is no longer selected or may not even be in the data grid any more. This ends up with a situation where the notes displayed do not relate to a data row selected in the data grid. Of course, if I select a new row in the top data grid, all is OK. If I manually deselect a row in the top datagrid, all is OK. The issue only happens where the data grid is refreshed with the search functionality. So, is there any way to clear the listening data view when the target data grid is refreshed? Or a way to automatically select a data row after the grid has been refreshed?
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I don't think there is any way to enforce a refresh because there currently is no way to hook onto anything the search buttons do. I suggest you file a feature request to refresh your selection based on your search query. e.g. deselect your currently selected if it does not match the chosen search criteria.