Page URL in combination with ForgotPassword

Currently we're using the ForgotPassword module and we've setup a URL for a page. When the session times out or when you perform a restart (not just page update) the user needs to login again. We'd expect the user to be directed to the login page that's setup for the ForgotPassword module. However, the user is directed to the login.html page, for which we did not apply any styling. Is there a way to tell the modeler not to use login.html but the custom login page instead? This does not occur for pages that have no URL set.
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Check your index.html and fix the cookie

           if (!document.cookie || !document.cookie.match(/(^|;)originURI=/gi))
               document.cookie = "originURI=/index.html";

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The ForgotPassword module requires that you enable anonymous users in order to serve up the password reset pages. if you haven't done that, the ForgotPassword module won't work.

Once enabled (Project Security -> Anonymous users) , set the Anonymous user's default home page to your ForgotPassword login page. Now, instead of seeing a login page, unauthenticated users will see the Anonymous/Guest home page.