Widgets to check when migrating from Mx4 to Mx5 to Mx6

We all know the familiar blank screen after migrating an application. I realized after a second migration that I had forgotten the problematic widgets. So hence the reason for this post and may be help others that are going through the same process. Here is my list: Enum slider (works in Mx5 not in Mx6, a pity this one has never been updated) Form loader (works in Mx5 not in Mx6) Help text widget (might not be a problem, but we had a very old version and lost all the text.) Rich text suite (In Mx6 I would prefer the CKEditor, Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor is also nice but does not have a viewer which the CKEditor has) URL Redirector (for some reason when going to Mx6 I had to manually reload this one, then it worked) Time picker (works in Mx5 not in Mx6 change it for the Clockpicker widget) LDAP Synchronization module (In Mx6 I had to adjust a line in the java script because otherwise the build would fail. Even reloading this module would still give me the error) If anyone has more problamatic widget please post them here. Regards, Ronald
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Are you sure the form loader widget works in Mx5?