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I am having problems installing the Public Profile App, has anyone done this and got it working. I just get a blank menu box once installed. I have followed th instructions, the only thing I haven't done is update the constants, not actually sure what this is or how to do it? Thanks
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"PublicProfile.Config" Is a folder in the model which contains some configuration. If your menu is blank (can you post a screenshot?) you probably made a mistake in the role configuration.


What is your actual problem?? Did you take a look @ the configuration:

After importing you need to perform the following steps:

    Import the DeepLink Module from the AppStore as well
    Import the Email Module form the AppStore 
    In Settings
        Set the After Startup microflow to PublicProfile.Startup
    In Security
        Set Security Level to Production. 
        Add a Guest user role which maps at least to DeepLink.User, Email.User, PublicProfile.Guest, System.User
        Map the User user role to DeepLink.User, Email.User, PublicProfile.User, System.User
        Map the Adminstrator user role to DeepLink.Admin, Email.EmailAdministrator, PublicProfile.User
        Enable Anonymous users, set its role to Guest, and set Sign-in microflow to PublicProfile.AfterSignIn
    In Navigation
        set Default Homepage to PublicProfile.AfterLogin
        Optionally, add the Email.OpenEmailSetttings microflow and the DeepLink.DeepLinkConfig form to the adminstrators navigation. 
    In the PublicProfile.Config directory, update all constants according to your situation. 
    In PublicProfile.LocationForm, add your Google API key. See the documentation of the Google Maps widget for more info.