Entity access with xPath constraint

I'm using entity access in combination with xPath constraints to determine which attributes of an entity are read-only or have read write access or aren't visible for the logged in user. But when opening a form the non visible attributes are left empty but can be filled by the user. When committing the form the user get's a mendix error. Security work's fine, but this is not user friendly?! Is there anyway to use the entity access to determine which fields should be shown? I'm trying to prevent maintaining the entity access at two (or more) places.
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When you show field that users are not allowed to see it is wise to either user conditionalformatting to completely remove the fields or use conditional editing. The later allows you to prevent users, that are not allowed to edit a field, to edit a field.

Edit: Conditional editing is a property of an input widget that is used on dataviews. Link