Documentation for multi-developer projects?

Is there any? What is it supposed to do, how is it organized, what other things do we as developers need to do that Mendix does not handle etc.? I could not find anything browsing the docs and the forum. The only thing I noticed is that a MDP requires a database, and that my entire project structure seems to be stored in there (instead of on disk). Lots of tables ;-) Thanks Jan
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In addition to Bram's answer: In version 2.X of the Mendix Business Modeler, an explanation of setting up a multi-development environment is given below:

  • New Multi-Developer Project: Create a new database(SQL Server or Postgres). Create a new multi-developer project that is stored on a database server (SQL Server or Postgres) by using the "Copy Project to" functionality. Here you can define the model storage type where you can choose SQL Server or PostgreSQL instead of Local. Use this option if there will be more than one developer working on the project at the same time.
  • Open Multi-Developer Project: Open an existin multi-developer project that is stored on a database server (SQL Server or Postgres).

In order to view what parts of the model other developers are working on, you can use the "Documents Being Edited..." functionality.


Some remarks on multi user development

  • It is advised to use SVN for the javasource, theme, resources, userlib and widgets folders. In javasource you can exclude the generated content in the proxies folders
  • The local deployment folder will also contain by default the uploaded files. It is advised to place them on a network share and use the setting UploadedFilesPath, see here or, as we did, place the deployment\data\files also in SVN
  • Running scheduled events can lead to multiple 'server' concurrently trying to do stuff on the shared database and hence can be tricky

The short answer is, that it allows you to have multiple people working inside your project at the same time.

By locking microflows and forms the modeler prevents you from both trying to edit the same form/flow at the same time.


Thanks all. I conclude that the best way to start a MDP is:

  • make a new database and db user

  • in the modeler, create a nwe MDP

  • immediately go to Project Settings/Disk locations and define the project directory (and let the modeler create the necessary subfolders). That prevents prompts for the project directory when pressing F4 or F5.

  • set up your version control