Accessing the admin port 8090 for locally deployed app?

In the Mendix Service Console a 'Server Admin Port' can be specified (default: 8090). Does this have any use for me? Starting http://localhost:8090 gave me the Windows prompt asking me with which program I wanted to use an application/json file. I chose Firefox, that failed: {"message":"Use content type 'application/json' for requests to this application.","result":-2}
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Port 8090 is used to communicate between the modeler and the runtime. It's used to configure the app, start running the model etc. In production this same port is used by the magic 'm2ee' script to start/stop the process.

To answer your question (does this have any use for me?): you could theoretically write your own client that configures/starts/stops the runtime.


I have a same error