Editable columns

I have a datagrid with about 8 columns that are editable - for quick change functionality. Scenario 1: When I click in a column change the value and click away from the record, the object is saved and committed properly. Scenario 2: When I click into a column change its value and press either the tab or enter key and then click away the record seems to be changed however it is not committed. When I open the record in a edit form I can see the new value. if i save it is committed if i cancel the old value is applied. Scenario 3: When I click into a column and change its value and tab or enter through each column the record will be saved and committed (users will not do that) I would expect the object/record to be saved as soon as one of the changed columns is left/changed. I tried to implement a workaround by creating a microflow that takes all objects from the datagrid, it loops through each object and saves it. Results not as expected: The microflow does not save the records to the newly changed values but basically resets them. I assumed that as the values do change but are not committed all i need to do is committ them this however does not seem to work via a microflow.
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This looks like a bug. I suggest filing a ticket in the Support Portal.