Remove an empty space with Microflow

In a particular string value, I would like to cut the empty space out of the string value (E.g. converting 'Car wash' into 'Carwash'). Can I do this with microflow?
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Create a variable called "Offset" of type integer and a variable called 'NewString' of type string then do the following:

  1. Create NewString => Newstring = trim('Car wash')
  2. Change variable => Offset = find(NewString, ' ')
  3. Split => Offset <> -1
    • True => NewString = substring(NewString, 0, Offset) + substring(NewString, Offset + 1) --> go back to 2
    • False => Done

It is possible to strip whitespace in front or after a string (for more info you can look here.

For you case you will have to resort to Java, as the position of the whitespace is variable (Java will alow you to determine the location of the whitespace)