How can I check the health-status of the Mendix-Servers?

Hi all, For my current project, a requirement is that all software-layers have some kind of "health service" that returns the health-status, being red, orange or green. Aim is that when the status is not green, action can be taken upon it proactively. For this project, the mendix-servers are installed on the mendix-hosted-environment. My question is: - Is it possible to create this for the Mendix-software-layer? - What would be possible and advisable items to measure / map to the 3 statuses? - Does someone have experience with this (if so, can you share it?) The high-level requirement is that - The status is red when the portal is down or nearly down - The status is orange when some serious errors occur - The status is green when all things run normally As far as I can see, this topic may be helpful for me, but can someone explain how to implement this / check this feature? I hope you have some nice ideas for me!
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For orange you might use the app store logging module and change this (or add a microflow to the log entity) to subscribe to errors and handle them.

If you then define a web service you can test Mendix by calling the web service and returning the 'green', 'orange' or 'red'. No response off course also means 'red'.