$currentuser empty in microflow unless viewed in debugger or added to log message

Hi, Doing some tests (Mx4 upgraded application) in Mendix 6.7.1 and encounter an issue when $currentuser is used in a microflow List Operation action. A list is retrieved that contains users and we use the List Operation action to check whether $currentuser is included in this list (CONTAINS action). This functionality works perfectly fine in Mx4 AND when using the debugger in Mx6.7.1 and going step by step through the MF. However when not using the debugger the Contains action returns a FALSE (while a TRUE is expected). It seems like currentuser is empty in these cases. After some debugging I found that when I add a log message that contains the $currentuser/name that the issue is no longer occurring. It seems like the log message 'forces' the currentuser to be populated. For now I can use this as a workaround. This issue reminds me of earlier tests with Mx5/6 when using the Aggregate SUM action in a MF: https://community.mendix.com/questions/9302/Decimal-calculated-field-javalangDouble-cannot-be-cast-to-javamathBigDecimal In this case we also had to explicitly use a list/parameter in order to prevent it from causing issues. I reckon this is a bug. Or is there any other explanation? Kind regards, Brian
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