Business Process Transactional Coordination

Is there a way to set a transactional context when you enter a one page form (with associations and references in it) that has multiple parts to the form which might have been committed as part of the work in the form? I would like to have the ability to rollback all changes made within the form in a larger transactional context. I have done this before using Hibernate, but I don't see that in Mendix.
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Microflows are treated as one transaction by Mendix - see documentation here. In particular, see the portion of this documentation that describes custom error flow options for information about how to proceed with your microflow in the event of an error.

For more fine grained control of what does and does not get committed or rolled back, the Community Commons module contains a number of functions that enable you to explicitly begin and end transactions within portions of a microflow (StartTransaction and EndTransaction) as well as checking to see what Objects or Members have been changed (look in the ORM folder for several of these).

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