Newly created object and autocommitting

Using a function that creates a new object - pretty straightforward, every data-grid does this. However, after this object has been created it is being held in what seems to be the cache, or just an autocommit state that is only temporary (again I assume is being held in the cache). I have checked my microflows and I am definitely not committing by accident, but it is still being held in the list. The problem then is, I am doing a retrieve to check to see if there is an object between two dates, and this timesheet IS, however it hasn't been committed. Is there a way to get rid of the autocommit state that seems to come from Mendix? Screenshot of autocommit in question - Cheers.
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You end up in an autocommit state when a referenced object is saved but the object itself is not. The database can get corrupted because the saved object has a reference to a non saved object. Hence the reason for the autocommit. To prevent this you should also commit the object itself. Note that when a user that created those objects logs out the autocommitted objects (and the references) gets removed by the database.