Can a widget receive delete object notifications?

In a widget I have subscribed to a class (mx.processor.subscribe) so that all changes in that entity call a function objectUpdate. Ok. Working. But now I would like to receive notifications when an object is deleted. The function objectUpdate is called but the guid is empty, so no key what to remove from the widget. I have to render my complete widget again. Any clue? maybe something like 'isChanged'?
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Insertions and deletions are indeed difficult to grasp in the event listeners. Best is to listen to class refreshes as well (you can trigger those easily with communitycommons) or the make your object somehow related to your current context.

In the latter case you can than refresh the 'parent' object to know that you should reload the children. (if the parent object refreshes often, you might even add an dedicated timestamp attribute to parent for this notification)