How do i login a webservice user from java?

I build a custom request handler that handled incoming requests with BasicAuthentication. Because i did not want to bypass the Mendix security i added a piece of code that tries to login and generates a user context based on that. However, I get an error that a webservice user is not allowed to login. I use the following snippet to achieve the above: final String[] values = credentials.split(":",2); IContext context = Core.login(values[0],values[1]).createContext();
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I actually encountered the same challenge today and solved it by making a generic authenticate function. Hope it helps somebody with the same challenge in the future. The function:

  1. Checks whether the user exists (a system context is needed for this function call)
  2. If the user exists, add the user to a hashmap (because I later on want to use it as an inputparameter of a microflow)
  3. Authenticate the user with the core authenticate function
  4. If authenticated give back the system context, in all other cases throw a proper exception


private IContext authenticate(String username, String password, HashMap<String, Object> paramsRequest) throws WebserviceException, CoreException 

			IContext context = null;
			if(username != null && password != null)
				// a system context is needed to get a user
				context = Core.createSystemContext();
				// get the user
				IUser user = Core.getUser(context, username);
				if (user != null){
					paramsRequest.put("User", user.getMendixObject());
					boolean authenticated = Core.authenticate(context, user, password);
					logNode.log(mxLogLevel, "User with username " + username + " authenticated: " + authenticated);
					if (!authenticated){
						throw new WebserviceException(WebserviceException.clientFaultCode,"Failed to authenticate user with username " + username);
				} else {
					throw new WebserviceException(WebserviceException.clientFaultCode,"User with username " + username + " does not exist!");
			else if(username == null && password == null)
				throw new WebserviceException(WebserviceException.clientFaultCode,"No username nor password supplied");
			else if(username == null)
				throw new WebserviceException(WebserviceException.clientFaultCode,"No username supplied");
				throw new WebserviceException(WebserviceException.clientFaultCode,"No password supplied");	
			return context;