Datagrid with source database no longer has export to csv buttons

In Mx6.7.1 I noticed that you no longer can add an export to csv or Excel button on a datagrid with database as source. One can if you change the datasource to xpath. Why has this been changed in Mx6? In Mx5 you still can add the button without problems. And am I right that when upgrading the form with such a button that the source is changed from database to xpath (but with an empty xpath constraint)? Regards, Ronald
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As you're presumably aware of, Mendix added a new data source recently. However, and somewhat confusingly, database is the new data source, not the newly minted xpath. Xpath is actually pretty much what database used to be; database is a new, simplified data source. So technically export to csv wasn't removed from database; database was renamed to xpath.

Weird, I know, but after many hours of discussion on what to name these sources, this ended up being the clearest naming scheme, especially for new users.