Illegal information shown in the service catalog for publised PUT/POST services

I've created a REST microflowservice that implements the HTTP PUT method. The service is published using with the parameters: MicroflowName: 'TestRestJsonIntegratieModule.PUBPUTartobject' SecurityRole: '*' Description: Update an artobject PathTemplate: empty HttpMethod:RestServices.HttpMethod.PUT (POST is causing same issue) The service is published during runtime, is working correctly and is shown in the list of REST services on http://localhost:8080/rest/ as url: http://localhost:8080/rest/pubputartobject/?about. However. If I click on this 'about' method I get an error: METHODNOTALLOWED: GET pubputartobject/ Method not allowed for service at: 'pubputartobject/' Error code: METHODNOTALLOWED Http status code: 405 For consumers of our services (our customers....) this is unprofessionally, besides, I can not refer to this page to let them get information about the publised POST en PUT services. Any idea how to solve this or how to prevent POST / PUT methods to be listed on this page?
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This seems like a bug to me. When the RequestMethod is GET is works here, but the same error when using PUT