Can we have more then one attribute to be displayed in a dropdown?

Hi, Is there a way to display more then one attribute in a dropdown? I have a reference selector dropdown that displays a product description, but it would be good if I could display a code for example, so I could see something like... (e.g. "FAW001 - Some product description", rather then just seeing the dropdown with "Some product description"). I can imagine that I could have an extra attribute in my entity that would combine any other columns I want and then just reference that column, but is there a way to have both columns in the dropdown without having to duplicate data? thanks, LR.
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With a microflow attribute you aren't duplicating data. That information will not be stored into the database, and the combination will be calculated every time it's requested. That is the easiest way. The other way is to program a custom widget but that seems to be not necessary in this case.


Thanks all for the ideas/suggestions. LR.


I would suggest to use the select using option for the reference selector set to "form" instead of the default option "drop down". Then you can use all of the wanted attributes in the different columns.