Behaviour CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowAsUser_2

When I use CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowAsUser_2 from a Microflow will the microflow wait until the Microflow executed from the javaaction finishes or will it continue immediately ? If the latter is true is there an alternative to this javaaction that will wait until the javaaction is finished. ( CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowInBatches does have a parameter 'waitUntilFinished' but that one will not do because I need the execute as user parameter )
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The microflow will continue. Could you elaborate why you need to wait for this microflow to finish? You probably can work around by setting some boolean that you check before doing the other stuff that needs to be done. If I have a better picture of the why I can think better of a workaround.