SAML Module Question

I have implemented the SAML module in an app that is hosted in the Mendix cloud. I think I've got all of the configuration set up properly. The startup microflow from the module runs when the app starts and messages in the log file seem to indicate that SSO started successfully. However, when I navigate to or any of the other URL's detailed in the module documentation, I get a 404 - Not Found page. Is there a step or two I have missed? Any pointers for getting this set up for my app? Thanks! Mike
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Did you activate your request handlers in Sprintr? Goto Deploy / Details and then the Network tab. There you will find the request handlers. You have to activate the SSO handlers (/SSO/, /SSO/discovery and /SSO/login). Note that when you use Firefox (at least my current edition) you get a ridiculous small window there. With chrome do see the right width.