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We understand that something called Theme Builder is required to create and modify theme packages for Mendix applications. Is this the case please, and if so where can we obtain it?
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The document you read (design guide) is a bit out of date. At the moment you don`t need a "theme builder" to create or modify a theme package. A theme is nothing more than a zipped folder with CSS and XML(the .mxf files) files within it.

So there are three ways to create a theme:

  1. Creating a completely new theme
  2. Modifying the existing default theme provided by Mendix
  3. Modifying a theme you already have

We strongly recommend the second or third way because the first option require much knowledge about the structure of the client.

Again, you don't need a theme builder, you only need a zip (de)compressor to extract the theme package. After extracting the default theme (or an existing one), you can edit the theme with a CSS and XML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver. After applying your changes, compress the theme into a new ZIP package, and select it in your project settings in the modeler.

Tip: for faster checking the results of changes you make to your theme it isn't necessary to compress the theme and restart the Modeler / XAS. You can also copy the web folder in which you`ve been editing and paste it in your deployment location by hand. That will replace the 'current' web folder, and that is exactly what the Modeler does.


Hi Martin,

I have a PDF-document available with a description of how you an change the look and feel of a Mendix application. I will mail you this document today



I wouldn't know this, I'm not an expert at all on this subject. There will be someone in tomorrow who is our dedicated 'styler'.

I will have him take a look at your question tomorrow


Thanks Michel

It refers to a "theme builder" application which we are supposed to run on the design files (page 26). We can't find such a tool, do you have it or know where to find it please? Cheers again