Focus On DataGrid SearchFields Inside a Tab

Hi, I have a DataGrid inside a Tab Control. The DataGrid is in the first tab which is also a default tab. I am trying to set the focus to the first Seach field inside the DataGrid, but inspite if trying many combinations of tab indices, I am not able to achieve this. When we were on Mendix 4, we could set the TabIndex of TabControl to -1 and 0 to the DataGrid and it would work perfectly. But since we have moved to Mendix 6 this behaviour has changed. We cannot set -1 to the TabControl as it will skip the controls inside too. This is a very basic scenario and it needs to work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Sharad
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The default behavior when clicking the search button prior to the search bar being exposed focuses the input on the first search field. Maybe you could use the html/js snippet widget to trigger the search button click behavior upon loading the page.