Processing Out of Order

I am in the process of debugging a micro flow to populate my reference data and in the process have found something really strange happening. I have recreated a simplified flow to try to pin point where my error is. I have then added a series of message boxes to provide the state of various variables. These messages however are not appearing in the order in which they are in the micro flow. I have attached the micro flow and have marked boxes to show the order that they are appearing in. Can someone explain why the messages are appearing in reverse of their position in the flow? I can't figure out how to post the image on here - so here is a Link to it.
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Are you sure that they are appearing in the order that you are stating? They are message popups that you've created. What you should do is change those 'Show message' boxes to 'Log Message' boxes. Set the log level on 'info' and give it a log node name. This will print the messages in your console and you will see exactly when they are firing.

  1. Marcs' solution is THE way to go, since you will have them in your log. Which allows you to investigate them better (opposite to popups, which disappear after clicking)
  2. reason that they are shown in reverse, is due to the fact that all client actions are sent to the client at the ending of a microflow. So that a user would get the whole result of the microflow at once. The use case of having multiple message popups sent to a user isn't really a good case and should be avoided.
  3. If you still want your messages to be sent to the client; sent one message containing all information :-)