Automatically upload multiple images

Currently, my application contains a catalogue functionality. I want to enrich the catalogue with images. Since I do not have so much time, I do not prefer to upload it manually. Is there a way to automatically upload all the images (2000 .png files) at once? Perhaps I can put the images in the 'uploaded files' folder in the 'WEB-INF' folder?
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You can place the images in another temporary folder, not in the 'uploaded files' folder. Create also a Java action which reads the files in your temporary folder. See this answer. Then create for each file (in the for-loop) a FileInputStream object, this is also an InputStream, needed for storing the image contents. Now create a new Mendix System.Image object, and store the content of the image to this object.


File folder = new File(pathname);

for(File file : folder.listFiles()) {
    // create a new System.FileDocument instance

    FileInputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(file);

    // Call the following method and use the FileInputStream just created as parameter.
    // Core.storeImageDocumentContent(IContext context,
            IMendixObject imageDocument,
            InputStream inputStream,
            int thumbnailWidth,
            int thumbnailHeight)

More information about the Core.storeImageDocumentContent(...) method can be found in this answer.


The solution of Jonathan is great. But it miss one little thing, as Michel / Fedor says: How will the application know which image should be connected to which product?

To set a relation between a product and the image they must have something in collective. For example: if the name of the product is "jacket" the corresponding image have to be "jacket.png". There have to be an analogy between the name of the image and a attribute of the product meta object.

So after executing the JAVA action given by Jonathan the rest of the job can be done by microflow:

  • Retrieve all created System.Image objects
  • For each image retrieve the product based on a corresponding attribute (e.g. the product name equals the System.Image file name)
  • Set the relation between them

I'm afraid there are currently no better options to do this.