Language tag as classname in the body

When a user switches from language a tag (en or fr) is set as an classname at the body level like: <body dir="ltr" class="profile-desktop role-user en" cz-shortcut-listen="true"> Based on this information different styles are used for some parts in the application. This works perfectly. But when i open a page using the deeplink module the language is not filled. <body dir="ltr" cz-shortcut-listen="true" class="profile-desktop role-user"> Therefor some styling is missing. I'm thinking about creating a widget that places the language to the body tag. Or am i missing something, or is this a Mendix bug?
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I've added the language tag myself in a custom language switcher widget (totally forgot).

I've created a seperate widget with a translatable string that add's a string to the body tag of the form. Perhaps a feature request that the language code will be added to the body tag, the same way as the userrole(s).