Showing currency in ChartJS widget

Showing currency has not become easier in Mx6, at least that is my current opinion. Input fields can be handled with the bootstrap input addon and with some css as shown here allthough I have not managed yet to get the currency value in the sum part of a grid. The next hurdle is showing everything in a chart. The first problem is to show everything with a decimal precision of 2. Using the round function to round the values to two does not help. 20,50 comes out as 20.5. And since the ChartJS shows values it is impossible to add the currency sign before it. Has anybody already found a sollution for that? I feel that showing currency in the platform is currently to big a hassle and should be better handled. It would be nice to be able to have a setting in the edit attribute of the decimal where you could add a currency sign and the platform would show this sign everywhere where this attribute is shown. Regards, Ronald
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