Pass enclosing context as input parameter for microflow

In my project, I've got multiple dataviews which contains nested datagrids. I would like to trigger a microflow from the nested datagrid but I can't set pass enclosing context on true? How can I pass the object of the dataview from cache to my microflow?
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The property 'pass enclosing context' will only work with nested dataviews. For your case, there are some solutions I think.

If there are objects in the nested datagrids, you could retrieve the root dataview object 'over association' from one of the objects in the nested datagrid, as this reference is automatically set (if the model contains the right reference between the datagrid object and the dataview object).

If there are no objects in the datagrid then I'm not sure whether it's possible (you will need some kind of reference between the objects in the grid and the object in the root dataview to be able to determine which object is connected to the root dataview.