Change in rollback autocommitted objects - bug?

In the past, I was used to modelling Parent - Child (1 - *) object management in the following manner: Parent_Overview page Parent_NewEdit page, which contains a data grid of Child objects over Child_Parent association Child_NewEdit page Set delete behavior to delete Child if Parent is deleted. The way this works, then, is you create a Parent (but don't commit it), while editing the Parent, you create multiple Child objects and commit them (the Parent gets autocommitted). Then, you cancel the Parent. The Parent gets rolled back, since it is a new object, it gets deleted and because of delete behavior, all Child objects are deleted. I have just tested this in 5.21 and it works like described above. In 6.7.1 however, this does not work: cancelling the Parent does not delete the Parent anymore - it stays in the database! I have checked the release notes of 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7, but I could find no mention of this changed behavior. Is this change intended? Was it documented somewhere? Obviously, this is a huge issue, since this will break every project I have ever worked on...
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