Associations dont seem to be working

I'm trying to display a datagrid with associated records for entities I've defined in a single module's domain model, but when I try to set the data source for this grid the dialogue box is saying there are no associations. The associations have been set up exactly as the tutorial pages illustrate. I'm brand new to Mendix, so I assume this is something I'm doing wrong, as opposed to a problem with the application. Can anyone tell me how to get over this teething problem? Thanks.
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It sounds like you are trying to display, for instance, Orders for a Customer. In that case, if you have a 1 - M association between Customer and Order, you would place a Dataview on a page and point that dataview to the Customer entity and then place a datagrid inside of that dataview. This way, the datagrid will be in the right context to have access to all entities related to a Customer.

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It's difficult to say without seeing your domain model, but my guess is that you've created the associations in the wrong direction - so that the wrong entity owns them. Try deleting and recreating the associations in the other direction.