Advice - Wizard Page Steps

Hi Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to achieve a result. I have wizard to build multiple steps in the creation of a contact and some 1-m associated objects and I am getting stuck What I want to achieve is: 1 - Create the main contact record. 2 - Commit contact object 3 - Create Address object where Contact_Address= the newly created Contact Object 4 - Close page 5 - Enter rest of Address object attributes 6 - Save Address object (commit the object, close the page, reopen the page with the original Contact_Address object) The intention is that this should show a grid or a list below the Address Data View of those items related to the original Contact that was created. My issue is that I am having difficult in choosing which is the correct calling object for the page - if I set it to be Address then I can't figure out how to filter the grid properly, but if I set it to be Contact then I can't set the form fields to be the related Address Object.
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