[urgent] - Cannot start my application on the Mendix hosted environment

Hi Everybody, I tried to update our current application, doing things just as normal (on the Mendix hosted environment (linux))... But I'm not anymore able to start my application. The log gives this info when I restart my app... INFO: Waiting for the application to shutdown... INFO: The application has been stopped succesfully. WARN: preserve_environment is not a boolean or list INFO: The application process has been started successfully. DEBUG: MxRuntime status: created DEBUG: Setting up logging... DEBUG: Sending MxRuntime configuration... DEBUG: Sending custom configuration... DEBUG: Trying to start the MxRuntime... ERROR: Cannot initialize, DTAPMode has no value yet ERROR: You'll have to fix the configuration and run start again... (or ask for help..) I also cannot anymore startup older versions. Tomorrow morning new tests are planned, but the app now won't start. Anyone a suggestion what I can check? In my .m2eerc I do have defined DTAPMode: P And didn't change this value; I only added a constant for the deeplink module... Is there somewhere a .m2eerc "default"? Thanks in forward!
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