custom logout functionality

Can I place an event on the logout button of Mendix? The case: Users need to validate some data in certain pages of the application before logout. This functionality is not required for all the pages of application but to some pages only. I know users can log out by closing the browser, but if a user logs out using the logout button we want to show the user a message that they still need to validate the data before they get logout. Thanks in advance.
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Sure, this is possible. What you'd need to do is replace the normal toolbar (which you can find in index.html, see below) with your own toolbar. In this toolbar, you'd have to add a custom widget which triggers a Microflow, which then performs whatever actions you want. If everything goes well, you can then log the user out using a java action.

<div id="toolbar">
                    <div class="MxClient_toolbar" id="MxClient_toolbar" dojoType="mendix.widget.MxToolbar"></div>

Note that this sounds easier than it is ;) You'd need to do some digging into custom widgets and how java actions work.


This is not possible. See this and this