restful webservice

I have a published web-service through mendix which supports soap , but the client wants to call it as restful style , what do you suggest?
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Ideally, convince the client to use soap. It's still the world standard in webservices, and offers a number of advantages to restful services (validation, parseable service descriptions, industry support).

Two alternatives:

  1. write your own restful requesthandler. You can add extra requesthandlers via a Core API, which allows you to handle requests using custom java. This could then be used to create a restful webservice, using whatever format you'd like (JSON, XML etc)
  2. File a feature request :)

Core API to add a requesthandler:

com.mendix.core.Core.addRequestHandler("/mypath", new MyImplementedRequestHandler())

(can't help you with the rest of the implementation though, that's a little more complicated)