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Hi, I am trying to upgrade a Mx project from 5.18 to 6.8. With this upgrade I encounter a problem with the multilingual suppport the app provides. In 5.18 we developed a functionality which changed the language from the user and refreshed the page. After the refresh the language of the user was changed. In Mx 6 however it seems like the language is stored in the session. The ISession only has the ability to retrieve the language, but not to change the language. I tried creating a new and destroying the old session for the user, since the change of language is affected with a new session for the user. Deriving some logic of custom login actions did not work out as there is no response in the custom Java action, thus there is no session to return. Does anyone have an idea on how to renew/refresh/replace the session for the currentUser from within a Java action? Or, even better, does anyone now how to change the language of the current session in Mx 6? Thanks in advance! Mikael
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I already answered this on my Post, but here it is again:

Okay, so I managed to get what I wanted with a widget. It's only until Mendix fixes the issue.

Its very short, and doesn't use a lot of code and has the advantage of switching language at runtime on demand

Here's a Youtube™ video if you want to see it in action.

Tested with Mendix 6.9.1: Github


You could take a look at this AppStore module and see how it works. It's 6.1 compatible.


Unfortunately the module does not work in 6.8 and 6.8.1. We have also tested the module in 6.7.1, but here the language did not change dynamically as well. Any other possible solutions?