Synchronous Microflow with block completing but the progress message not going away

I call a microflow to do many crosschecks. The microflow can run for up to 90 mins long as i am using large lists. In the advanced microflow settings i select Synchronous with blocking. If i check in the database i can see that the microflow has completed but the progress message form does not disappear, i have the close the browser. When i log back in i can also see the microflow did complete its actions. Have anybody else had this problem, or know what is wrong?
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Because your microflow can run for such a long time (90 minutes), you should select "asynchronous". If you're running it synchronously, it is possible your web browser "gives up" waiting for an answer before the 90 minutes are over. When selecting "asynchronous", the browser will periodically poll the server to see whether the action is still running.