LDAP module and AD-LDS

One of our clients is going from a on premise LDAP setup to a cloud based one. The cloud based one is using Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services. Now my assumption is that the LDAP module should just work with this type, however since assumption is the mother of all f* ups I like to be sure. Anybody a clue if the LDAP module would still function? Anybody already did something with an AD-LDS setup? Regards, Ronald
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I have integrated with LDS before, its been a while and I remember having some challenges with getting all groups retrieved correctly. But technically there were no big issues (just a lot of searching through ldap to find the right directories). I did do the integration with the latest version that has more features on how and the module searches for users.

However I do see that you refer to modeler version 4.8 the LDAP module has had some significant fixes since the 4 release of that module. (BTW I'm referring to the ldap synchronisation module, I have no experience with the Ldap provisioning module)